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  • Jeanne Lutz

Ti Voglio Bene (I Want All That’s Good For You)

Where again, time after time, the sun remains.

Intimate moments of the day appear

without warning. One of us plays a banjo.

The timeless icon of the moka pot. Bare-armed

friends who will never forget your name.

Contented scent of summer on a Tuscan night,

the view of the duomo beyond the beyond.

The fig tree grove grower (especially

those figs). Endless embracing hills.

Whatever good is, it remains on the canvas.

And during some future afternoon (maybe

there’s only one) someone in the gallery

saunters past the memory—this is us,

(and what the others left behind) just to stay

here at the table, piccole espresso cups,

flowers, our timeless youth. We give up

everything to halt here, where all that’s good

(stays good).

Bagno a Ripoli (Firenze), 1961. Mimi Gross. Oil on Canvas. 2021.18 Gallery 362. Credit: Minneapolis Institute of Art

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