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Meet a Guide: Kutzi Priest

School guide Kutzi Priest introduces herself and gives her perspective on touring with students.

I was in the class of 2004, so I guess that means I’ve been in this “business” for 20 years! I started out as an Art Adventure Guide and then morphed into a guide for school children. I love those little kids and get such a kick out of them every time. With their big curious eyes, they are fascinated with everything. “Is this the REAL one?” they ask of a piece they’ve already studied in school. I often tell them at the beginning of the tour that if they see a piece as we’re walking along that they’re curious about, to tell me and we can stop and talk about it. The little ones are simply full of wonder, but by second grade, they’re becoming little intellectuals and think in deductive terms. I’ve learned how important it is to SMILE a lot, especially as I welcome the kids to the museum. It warms their little hearts and I’ve won them over.

How I’ve treasured my experience here at Mia. It’s been a bonanza intellectually, socially, culturally and even spiritually as I’ve learned to appreciate belief systems, values, customs and traditions of people all over the world. I feel very lucky to be a part of it all.

 Photo Credit: Kutzi Priest


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