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  • Martha Bordwell


Inspired by Shirley Goldfarb's painting, Blue and Blue

Blue and Blue. 1967. Shirley Goldfarb, American

Finally, on the museum’s third floor

I find the painting I’m looking for,

the one I saw in a photo.

Masses of tiny squares,

the size of post-it notes, crowd together.


wrapped in shades of blues, greens, purples,

humming upon contact

as they move toward myriad destinations.

I think of another image, in black and white,

of crowds at the Kabul airport.

Winding lines, shapes squeezed together,

little square masks on every face.

A father grasps the hand of a small girl

wearing a t-shirt with a slogan.

I can’t make out what it says.

Behind him, a head-scarfed woman rocks a baby

and whispers into its ear.

This family is heading our way,

bringing their children,

their little gifts.

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