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  • Bill Wilson

A DAY BRIGHTENER from the Galleries

On a recent tour, Bill Wilson had to come up with answers for a young art enthusiast.

Olive Trees by Vincent van Gogh, 1889, oil on canvas This is one of fifteen canvases of olive trees that van Gogh executed between June and December of 1889. On view in Gallery 355. Gift: The William Hood Dunwoody Fund, Credit: Minneapolis Institute of Art

Recently I gave a tour about nature to third graders. Things went well, and I had time to finish the tour by stopping at Van Gogh’s Olive Trees. After I told the group that we would see a piece by Van Gogh, a very excited young student came up to me and asked, "Wow, are we going to see Starry Night?" No, sorry, but that piece is not here at Mia. He looked disappointed just for a second but quickly came back with, "Well, then, we will go to see the Mona Lisa, won't we?” I loved his enthusiasm but had to tell him that the Mona Lisa wasn't at Mia either, as much as it would be great to see it.

I chuckled off and on for the rest of the day and thought, "Yep, he'll make a great museum guide in a few years!”

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