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  • Rose Stanley-Gilbert

A Celebration of Guide Art Now on View in the Guide Lounge

Painter and Mia Guide, Jill McMahan, with her work in the Mia Guides Lounge

After months of planning and recruiting guide artists, we have begun our series of monthly displays of guide artwork in the guide lounge. Jill McMahan’s photography launched these efforts in February. In March, we are exhibiting the paintings of Allie Badaczewski, followed by Lisa Berg’s paintings in April. This endeavor is a revival of the art displays we saw in the guide lounge before Covid.


When you visit, look for the artist’s statement on view in the lounge. Learn what artists think about as they create. What inspires them? How has their creativity been guided by using certain methods or materials? What do they want to share with you?


We are also planning to have a “Meet the Artist Reception” each month from 2-4 p.m. on the Saturday following the art installation. All guides are invited to join us in the guide lounge to enjoy art, refreshments, and conversation. Stay tuned for reminders on this event.


We’d also like to make a pitch: Do you make art? Would you like to share it with friends and colleagues in the guide lounge? Debbi will be sending out a sign-up sheet every few months for the next slate of artists. You might be wondering, how are the artists chosen? With so many talented guides, we literally decided to “pull a name out of a hat.” Are you curious about the process to exhibit your work? Contact any of us and learn more about it! We welcome a variety of art: painting and knitting, photography and printmaking, ceramics and quilting … wherever your creativity leads you.

Guide Lounge Art Display Committee: James Eastman, Gail Wong, Rose Stanley-Gilbert.

Photography: James Eastman

Above: Jill discussing her work with guides Below: Rose Stanley-Gilbert and Julie Holland, Guide art reception co-hosts

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